How to Photograph Elephants

As photographers, we are naturally drawn to the enormous size and striking silhouettes of elephants against the background of African or even Asian landscape. However, some of the most rewarding opportunities of elephant photography are when we take a closer look at the smaller details, focusing our lenses on the remarkable details and textures that [...]

VISA Requirements for our top Destinations

Over the last year or two at Wild Eye, we have been in a position to more accurately track nationalities that travel with Wild Eye, the duration they tend to travel as well as the countries they favour for travel. Our USA guests made up just under 50% of our total guests travelled for the [...]

How to: Plan a Custom Travel Itinerary

Planning a Custom Travel itinerary with Wild Eye allows you the freedom to create a bespoke travel experience, tailormade to your specific needs. Whether planning a stand-alone itinerary or adding an extension to your Wild Eye Scheduled Safari, our team of expert travel designers will guide you through the planning process, providing valuable advice and [...]

Clothing for safaris and expeditions

I'm sure you've heard the quote that goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.” This quote was originally coined by Alfred Wainwrigh in 1973 in his book Coast to Coast, and even though it's now more than 50 years later, the point he was trying to make still holds true. [...]

How to Photograph in Cold Environments

How to photograph in cold environments. As a lover of cold, icy destinations, I'm excited to share some thoughts and tips for photographing in these wonderfully harsh conditions. Whether you're a brand new photographer eager to refine your skills or a well-travelled amateur or pro seeking fresh challenges, this blog post is aimed at helping [...]