My Favourite Image Of 2020

The various knock on effects of 2020 have been real. I thought choosing my favourite image of 2020 would be an easy task. Tell me another joke. I was lucky enough to host three tours this year before the world wide lock down set in. Two of which were new destinations for me namely; Iceland [...]

What Trip I Am Looking Forward To Most In 2021

Probably one of the most difficult question thrown at me last year. What Trip I Am Looking Forward To Most In 2021... May I keep this very short and say all of them? Honestly, I cannot wait to travel anywhere to be quite frank. Amongst all the exciting safaris I'll be hosting next year, one [...]

The Hippopotamus

As we all know, the hippopotamus loves water. There are many reasons as to why and in this blog I will share a few of these reasons with you. A body of water that is deep enough to fully submerge is a hippo’s safest and happiest place, their tranquil breakaway. Hippos are well adapted to […]

A True Winter Wonderland

Exploring a true winter wonderland is an experience like no other. Let’s backtrack a bit to January 2020, before this global pandemic was in full swing. Gerry and I, along with our group of guests were exposed to the very best sights that Iceland has to offer. Coming from the norm, an Africa specialist safari guide, this was […]

The Sable Antelope

The sable antelope is an incredibly handsome antelope. Characterised by its glossy black coat with white under parts and white facial markings. A rotund, barrel-chested antelope with a short neck, long face and a dark mane. Both males and females boast impressive ringed horns that rise vertically and curve backward. When they arch their necks […]

Our Excitement Effects Our Photography

Over the years of guiding there is one common thing that I have come to notice. This is both on a personal and purely an observational point of view. We all fall victim to this and it’s simply that our excitement affects our photography. And.. usually in a negative way if you do not know […]

The Storyteller

The inspiration for this blog comes form a great man, a great friend, my east African brother; Francis Tenke, the storyteller. I’m incredibly blessed to have spent so much time with beautiful people such Francis in the Wild Eye Mara Camp. A few months back I wrote an inspirational blog about these these humble souls, the […]

On This Day A Year Ago

As travel bans are unfortunately still a reality, I have found myself reminiscing more and more as the days go by and digging into Instagram archives is where this blogs inspiration came from. Now, in this blog I would like to share what my plans were on this day a year ago. Today, the day […]

Photography and Lightroom Tuition

I am pleased to say that over the past few weeks, I have still been able to share my love, passion and knowledge with folk from all across the globe. How? Well I have spent a fair amount of time online with clients providing them with ‘need to know’ photography and Lightroom tuition. Wild Eye […]

Bird Photography Tips

I thought a bird photography tips blog will come in handy for a lot of you right now seeing that most of the globe is easing out of this all too common lockdown. For the first time in way too many weeks I was; along with the rest of the country, allowed to legally access […]

Cherish The Good Times

During this crazy time we're all living in, we tend to often, multiple times a day in my case, find ourselves coming to an abrupt halt and begin to think of the future. One thing that I have realised in this process, is that thinking back to the fun days shared with amazing guests out in [...]

Photographing A Misty Morning

Photographing a misty morning is something I am forever wishing for. Sadly, my luck when it comes to wildlife emerging out from the mist has been few and far between, but for the handful of times that luck was on my side, my oh my… truly spectacular! Just what is it about mist that makes […]

What I’ve Missed Most in 2020

If you are sitting reading this today and you are in a similar situation (a 7th week South Africans national lockdown) I'm sure you have been thinking... And, seeing that we're almost halfway through this rollercoaster of a year, maybe you have asked yourself the same question that is dwelling in my mind, "what have [...]

Photography Tips

In recent years, ‘best photography tips’ has become one of the largest google searches across the globe. Over the years, technology has seen a rapid growth and so has our interest in this subject, simply as it has become more readily available. Despite the dramatic increases in google searches for photo tips, I was somewhat […]


As I'm sure most of you know, South Africa is in a total lock down for five weeks. I know many parts of the world are currently experiencing similar situations but let me ask you; are you using this time wisely?  Remember, what we focus on outside, is a result of ones reflections felt inside. [...]

A Natural Frame

You're out on safari. As the vehicle rolls out of camp at the crack of dawn, you feel the winter chill hitting your face, gushing into entering every open zipper or gap in your cloths. Your head is constantly turning from left to right, up and down as you can for wildlife and if you [...]

Exposing For The Sky

While sitting with either one of Africa's special creatures as dawn breaks, I often find myself saying to my guest, "Are you exposing for the sky?" Early morning African skies are so beautiful, thin wispy clouds, soft pastel like oranges and blues. Why not take full advantage of this? What I mean by, "are you [...]

High Key Photography

High Key Photography denotes an overabundance of brightness in an image. High key is also not centered on portrait imagery only. Neither does it necessarily have to be centered on the four walls and artificial lighting setup of a studio. High key images can easily be shot using natural light and in outdoor locations as well. Am I correct in saying, [...]

Strange Behaviour

If you are a seasoned safari enthusiast, I'm sure you have seen animals showcase some strange behaviour right? I have been in the guiding industry for many years now and over the years I've seen some pretty incredible, as well as some pretty weird animal behaviour. Thinking back, there are two moments performed by the [...]

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a psychological state in which one feels familiar, safe, at ease, and secure. So if you’re reading this blog today, ask yourself, when last did you move out of your comfort zone? challenge yourself? Try something new? Seriously… take some time to really thing about that. Right, with that said, you [...]

Why I Love Photographing Mountain Gorilla

Sitting here, with a drifting mind, got me thinking… there are so many weird and wonderful places to visit in this world. Traveling to these special places has many advantages, one of which being, the ability to get up close and personal to some of the most fascinating creatures on our planet. Today I’d like to […]