Image Review: Ardwin Libman | Private Guided Serengeti Safari

Welcome to our latest post centered around constructive image review of images submitted by on of our many guests. In this feature, one of our experienced Wild Eye guides provides insightful critiques of images taken by guests on a recent safari. Unlike our Behind The Frame feature which features a favorite image from one of [...]

Icons of The Serengeti Private Guided Safari

Open plains, migratory herds, lions, cheetahs and Kopjes. These are the icons of the Serengeti. It’s quite bizarre that this was my very first time visiting the Serengeti after 13 years of being in the photographic safari industry. Whilst I’ve explored the southern circuit in Tanzania and visited Ruaha and Nyerere (formerly the Selous) National [...]

Navigating your Safari Portal Itinerary and The Travel Portal App

Our tag line of "Change The Way You See The World" requires us to stay on the forefront of technology and systems that improve the quality of our guest's experience whilst simultaneously making our internal workflows and procedures more efficient. For the last 2 years we have been using a platform called Safari Portal to [...]

Safari Gallery: Botswana Wilderness Safari, Okavango Delta

For as long as I can remember, the Botswana Wilderness Safari has been one the highlights of my personal safari calendar. Usually scheduled in the month of November to take advantage of the more economical rates (high season ends at the end of October) and to capture the beauty of the start of the green [...]

Places We Love: Mombo Camp, Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Mombo is known by many as "The Place of Plenty" and for good reason. Plenty in terms of game viewing, luxury, space, food and activities. Its easy to see why Mombo has earned its place at the very top of the list of the camps to visit when exploring Botswan's Okavango Delta. Wilderness Mombo Camp [...]

Safari Gallery: Mana Pools & Kanga | October 2023

Nestled along the meandering banks of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, Mana Pools National Park stands as a testament to the raw majesty of nature. What sets this destination apart is the rare opportunity it affords visitors to approach big game on foot, an unparalleled and intimate encounter with Africa's iconic wildlife. Here, the term [...]

Places We Love: Kanga Camp | Mana Pools

Kanga Camp is a wild untouched paradise within a private concession in Mana Pools National Park. In this remote southwestern stretch, vlei lines, mopane woodland and riverine forests give way to intriguing discoveries beyond the banks of the Zambezi River. As the sole source of water in the dry season, Kanga Pan creates a haven for [...]

Let It Rain: Photographing in The Rain

On arrival in the Mara Triangle Conservancy it was clearly evident that the region had very little rain. Little did I know that this was apparently the driest the Mara ecosystem has been in the last 20 years. Not a hint of greenery in any of the standing grasses, just a burnt orange and yellow [...]

What Is A Photographic Safari

What is a Photographic Safari? It seems that everyone has their own view and opinion on what actually constitutes a photographic safari. For some, its simpy travelling with a group of like minded poeple with an interest in photography. For others its about chasing the shot. For some, its all about photographing big cats and [...]

Uganda’s Lion Population: A Podcast with Alex Braczkowski

In this episode, Andrew Beck catches up with Alex Braczkowski, a conservation scientist, photographer and cameraman from Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Over the past ten years Alex has have filmed, photographed and studied African lions, leopards, jaguars, and caracals across three continents. Alex’s most recent science and film work explores assessing densities of lions and other [...]

Guest Blog: A Safari to Madikwe in July 2023

We have been travelling with WildEye since our safari to the Mara Camp, in 2017. Two further photographic safari’s and a fabulous tailor-made trip to three different African countries followed. It had been my dream to show friends why we love to go on safari, and especially with WildEye. Well, on 27th July that dream [...]

Trip Report: Uganda, No Primates Private Guided Safari

Uganda. No Primates. That was the brief for this private guided safari experience. It may seem rather unusual but, given that this particular guest has had the privelege of trekking for Western Lowland Gorillas in Odzala-Kokoua National Park with me, it makes a bit more sense. The gorilla trekking experience is very different in the [...]

Behind The Frame: Lion in the Okavango Delta

In this episode in the Behind The Frame series, Andrew Beck shares the story behind one of his all time favorite images captured in Botswana's Okavango Delta. Join our Botswana Wilderness Safari The Okavango Delta, the Jewel of Africa. Can there be any place more unique than an oasis in the Kalahari Desert filled to [...]

Places We Love: Beagle Expeditions Kweene Trails Camps

There is no better way to experience a true African Safari than in the comfort and privacy of your own exclusive mobile safari camp. A journey through the wilderness with the intimacy and flexibility of your own camp, guide, safari vehicle and staff compliment. This unique Beagle Expedition is designed to explore one of Botswana’s [...]

Places We Love: Bateleur Safari Camp

Bateleur Safari Camp is located in South Africa's world renowned Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, an exceptional safari location. All artificial barriers between the Timbavati and the adjacent Kruger National Park have been removed and Bateleur Safari Camp itself shares unfenced borders with Kruger, allowing free animal movement. This prime wilderness area boasts the Big Five, [...]

Behind the Frame: A Leopard at the Lentorre Hide

In this episode in the Behind The Frame series, Andrew Beck shares a Lightroom Edit of an image of a male leopard captured at the Lentorre Hide during the September 2022 Great Migration with Hides and Helicopters Safari. The Lentorre Hide offers the most incredible, intimate sightings of birds and animals at ground level. Launched [...]

Your Images Reviewed: The Greatest Maasai Mara Photo Competition

Are you planning on entering The Greatest Maasai Mara photo competition and standing a chance of winning $10 000 AND a 5 night stay at Angama Mara? We would love to help you refine your image selections and edits and perhaps increase your chances of winning this fantastic prize all whilst supporting one of the [...]

Photographing the Western Lowland Gorillas of The Congo Basin

Did you know that there are actually four recognized subspecies of gorilla, all of which are native to Africa? Eastern Gorilla (Gorilla beringei) The Eastern Gorilla is divided into two subspecies: the mountain gorilla and the eastern lowland gorilla. The mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) is found in the Virunga Mountains on the border of [...]

The Wild Eye Podcast #433: The Congo Conservation Company

In this episode Andrew Beck, who just returned from the Congo, shares conversations he recently had in the field with Raphaël de Laage, Dean Oelofse and Nicole Mathesie. Raphaël is the senior camp manager at Congo Conservation Company while Dean and Nicole are two of the guides who work in this amazing part of Africa. Congo Conservation Company [...]

Trip Report: Great Migration + Hides and Helicopters September 2022

Yes, I know, the trip title is a mouthful but in all honesty, we just couldn't come up with a title that would sum up the full range and diversity of experiences that one would have over a period of 11 days. So, The Great Migration, Hides and Helicopters it is (I'd love to hear [...]

Guest Blog: The 2022 Great Migration, Hides and Helicopters Safari

When I was asked to write a few words about my recent experience with Wild-Eye on the Hides and Helicopters tour I jumped at the chance to share my amazing experience in Kenya.  This tour allows guests to experience the Wild-Eye Mara Camp as well as visit Lentorre Lodge for amazing hide photography as well [...]